Skrill casino deposits Australia, Canada

skrill for casino deposits in Australia, CanadaWhy use skrill casino payment option for gambling? Online payment methods make possible to electronically send money to different individuals, companies and services without ever having to physically handle the money. You can use this method to send money internationally wihtout any problem in a safe way. It is a more secure and particularly convenient method for users and that is why online payments have become much more beneficial and popular recently. Skrill is one of the leading electronic payment and money transfer companies owned by a larger company Skrill Limited. Its former name was Money Service Business and it was founded in the United Kingdom. It is also licensed inside of the European Union, which is why it is a popular method for online payments throughout Europe and reaching more and more regions all over the world.

In June 2001 the website was purchased and the idea of Skrill was born. No more than a month later, the name Moneybookers Limited became incorporated in the United Kingdom and within a year it gave the opportunity for users to start electornically depositing and transferring money over the Internet.

During the first two years nearly 2 million internet users opened an account for this exact service. At the end of 2008 the company had more than 5.5 million accounts. The business even started to break into the United States when the state of New Jersey was one the first states in the country to approve and legalize gambling in order to monetize it. In 2014 Skrill was officially approved by the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement to become the only sanctioned electronic online payment method system throughout the entire state for internet gambling.

Over the years the owners of Moneybookers went through several changes. In 2007 Investcorp Technology Partners purchased it for around 105 million pounds and then they sold it for 365 million euros. Many of the top Internet companies including eBay and Facebook chose them for electronic payment method. In 2013 the brand was purchased by CVC Capital Partners for 600 million pounds this time.

Skrill is for casino deposits and withdrawals

Officially the online payment and transfer service used the name Moneybookers from its birth in 2001 up to 2011. On its 10th birthday the company changed its name to Skrill altough with such a large brand, the branding change is not an easy one. The company believed the name Moneybookers might be confusing for individuals for a gambling service such as a sports booker who takes down bets. With the purpose of changing this ideology, the company chose the Skrill name. Converting a nearly 1 billion USD company cannot happen overnight as not only all of its names have to be changed but you have to be sure that your clients are aware of the change. Due to this, the entire rebranding process was completed by 2013.

Skrill maintained its leading position among the largest and most profitable companies regarding electronic financial transfers and other similar services. It is available all over Europe and in the United States as well. The company signed a three year contract with the English Conference Football League as its sponsor. That is the reason why there were different league names such as Skrill Premier, Skrill North and Skrill South.