Slot machines

Slot machine guide on 3D video slots and classic slot gamesSlots machines or fruit machines, as they are referred to in the UK, have come a long way since they first appeared in online casinos. Compared to classic slot machines that were typical to any land-based casino, the slot machine games available today in online casinos have certainly gone through a tremendous change in terms of game variety, graphics, features, usability and gambling experience.

Apart from the classic slot machines with 3 reels and 1 pay-line, which are actually based on the first slot machines that appeared in land-based casinos, today there are many more options available for the online player. Of course, the classic 3-reel, 5-reel and 7-reel slot machines are still available for players who prefer a more classical approach to playing slots. Pokie players have the option to play poker machines online for free.

Features like free spins, bonus rounds and mini-games are available in all slot machine games to entertain and amuse players. Some slot machine games also feature chat rooms, where players can interact with each other and form virtual friendships. Players can play for free in the demo versions of the games, but also for real money as both options are usually available.

In their quest to provide the ultimate online gambling experience, online casinos have made slot machine gambling extremely convenient for all players. Thus, players can play slots online directly in their browsers or they can download the games to their PCs and even to their mobile devices for an easy access anytime and anywhere. The no-download, flash-based slot games are becoming increasingly popular as players can instantly play without the hassle of having to download games. As a result, casinos offering exclusively flash slot games are gaining popularity among gamblers. The drawback of flash slot games is that players who prefer playing slots on their smartphones or other mobile devices are unable to, as flash games do not work on mobile devices. In-browser HTML5 games also face some limitations on mobile devices, lag being the most often reported one.

Today, video slot machines and 3D slot machines are considered one of the most advanced types of slot machines, attracting a huge online gambling community. Video slot machines are creative both in design and gameplay experience, some games featuring over 100 pay-lines, excellent graphics and animation, a variety of bonus rounds, free spins, interactive mini-games and winning combinations to keep online gamblers entertained and engaged. With thousands of games and themes available, themed slot machines are a real crowd pleaser. The themes are endless and there is surely something for everyone’s taste. Featuring themes inspired by comic books, Marvel super heroes or other iconic characters from movie franchises or TV shows, video slot machines engage nerds and movie lovers alike.

3D slot games attempt to make the gambling experience as realistic as possible for the user. This is achieved by hi-tech software designed to deliver high quality graphics and sound effects. Whether the 3D slot game is available to be played directly in your browser or it needs to be downloaded depends on the compatibility between your device and the casino`s software. With 3D slot machines, you can comfortably sit back in your chair and enjoy a realistic gambling experience.

Three-reel classic slots
Online casino gaming start here, these games modeled on the classic fruit machines. Enjoy basic fruit games with a single payline to five-payline slots; some have video rounds and, while the “nudge” concept so enjoyed in the classic pub slots is a disappearing phenomenon, some titles still employ the feature. Best of all in bonuses are the trail features on many games delivering hundredfold bonus multipliers.

Five-reel slot machines
Naturally, faster and better software graphics pave the way for bigger, more exciting fruit machines. Five-reel slots were introduced in the early days of online casino gaming, but today`s games are leagues ahead of past efforts. On the other hand, titles like Thunderstruck and Avalon have remained popular favourites for years since their releases. Standard five-reel slot games include free spins rounds, but no video rounds.

Video slots
With continuing storylines, video-game action, and even 3-D graphics, five-reel video slot games are more thrilling than ever. Add progressive jackpots and huge payouts like those in the Marvel Comics superheroes line, video slot games can also be more generous than ever, too!