Fish Catch and Wu Zetian Games

Land-based Pokies and Online pokies tend to surprise developers as to which ones are the most popular. Classic pokies have surprisingly been at the top of everyone’s list even as casino games provide more features and different ways to win. But if you try to get into the business of figuring out which game will be the most popular, chances are that you’ll lose. Developers create as many games as possible for a reason, which is to throw as much stuff out there and see what becomes a hit. Not to say there is no method to their madness, but in general they play the game of chance with as many games as they can to help both free play and real cash players.

Fish Catch and Wu Zetian GamesWhat are some of the popular Featured Pokies?

Fish Catch from RTG (Real Time Gaming) is a new type of “Pokie” game which provides a bit of interaction and participation from the players. Actually, it’s more similar to the Arcade games of the 70s and 80s. Its one of the first pokie games in which you can compete against other players in trying to win money and beat your opponents. It’s a sign of the times as many developers are trying to expand their market while maintaining their loyal players. Fish Catch is geared to the younger generation while trying to compete with a host of gaming options.

Fish Catch from RTG

More of a video game than a pokies, Fish Catch is a shoot em’ up game with the targets being the 20 different fish species. Because of its original type of play, the usual features and bonuses are somewhat varied from what you would expect from a pokie. The base game multipliers are 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x.

There is a bonus multiplier (Mermaids Luck Feature) which offers anywhere from 78x, 92x, 109x, 130x or 250x   your bet as well as the big kahuna reward of 1000x of your betting amount. Remember, you’ll be competing with 3 other players for these bonus features.

Wu Zetian from RTG

Another one of the popular featured games is Wu Zetian from RTG. Recently introduced to the market, this online pokie is your typical pokie with an Asian theme and some very good features and bonuses. Not on the same level as Fish Catch with regards to its originality but a very popular game, nonetheless.

Some of the features of this pokie are Wilds, Scatters, maximum payout of 50,000x your bet per line, Free Games and 25 paylines. Since both Wu Zetian and Fish Catch are developed by RTG, the provide instant play as well as mobile play. This is beneficial for those on the go and who use their smartphone as their primary device.

These games prove the point that there really is no rhyme or reason for featured pokie games to become popular. The developer RTG is know for quality games with excellent features, although I’m sure that they have had some flops in the past. But you can be the judge for yourself, so check out Wu Zetian and Fish Catch to see why these games are featured and very popular. You can use your credit cards as well as neosurf cards for depositing money at FairGo and Uptown pokies.