Fruit machine games

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UK fruit machine gamesWe have an awesome selection of exclusive different casino slot games to offer you as well as some pretty cool tips and cheats that can help you win online. If you play pub slots in your local pub but haven’t tried fruit machines online then it’s about time you gave some a go!

Where To Play Fruit Machines?

Wondering where to play UK slot games? Then we can show you some great casinos. There are some quality casinos worth checking out if you are looking to play pub fruity. In our games section you can find all of the best places to play as well as cash in on some extra value bonus deals! All the casinos we list below have a wide selection of fruit machines and online slot games. Well we are pretty sure that you will be used to playing slots in your local pub and not online.

Pub slots are awesome and a great way to kick back with a beer and have some fun. Online fruit machines (pokies in Australia) are just the same and there are loads of different online slots to choose from so you should have no problem finding one to master! It can take some time to get used to playing web-based fruit machines but no more so than when the bandit down your local gets swaped. Actually more and more people are starting to play UK style slots which can be a nice change when most of the gambling you see online revolves around online slots. There is without a doubt more of a skill element to playing fruit games than there is to playing casino slots.

UK style games with board features, nudges and holds

For many years online casino portals have only offered American style slot machines, with 5 paylines and multiple winlines with large jackpots that paid out only very very rarely. Whilst these types of slot games may be popular with some, a number of UK gamblers felt alienated by these types of slots. Casual gamblers in the UK have loved playing fruit games that although involve an element of gambling, they are also a great source of entertainment.

Although strictly speaking a fruit machine is a type of slot machine, they differ in a number of ways.

Firstly, fruitmachines offer smaller jackpots that hit on a regular basis, making the chance of actually winning a lot greater. Secondly, there is a much greater element of skill involved when playing these gaming machines, as fruit-machines have a number of skill bonuses or perks that reveal additional winnings to the player. Being able to recognize all these skill features is something that regular UK players take great pride in.

After a number of years operating online casinos, companies such as Ladbrokes casino and other leading UK gambling names realized that by offering pub fruit machines as part of their offering it would increase their appeal to fans of traditional one-armed-bandits. This has lead to around 15 UK slots now being available at various online casinos, combining some of the greatest brands such as Monopoly, Elvis, Deal or no Deal, which provide great entertainment to the user. All UK type games at online casinos now include popular features taken from pub games including board feature, nudges, nudge gamble, hi/lo gamble, holds.

Differences in the way fruit machines operate

At first glance, online slots machines (or online pokies in Australia) and online fruit slot machines can look like the same game, with both involving spinning symbols and a number of winning combinations and both are played in a similar fashion. However, there are a number of subtle differences between these two classic favorites amongst online casino games.

The most obvious distinction between online fruit slot machines and online slots is their visual characteristics. As the name suggests, fruit machines feature images of a variety of fruits on their reels, which are used to form the winning patterns. Slot machines, especially the hugely diverse online version of the game, can feature virtually many types of images – from cartoon-themed machines to those taken from cult films. Because of this difference, UK slot machines are considered as somewhat retro in appearance in the online casino scene. While this could cause them to look old next to the online slot machine, this could, in fact, working to their advantage by setting them apart as the online gaming option for the slightly nostalgic or very hip new-retro fans.

For example, in every online fruit machine there is a symbol that activates a bonus game within the game, which can lead to a player winning 1000 times the amount of the original wager. While the bonus game’s details vary from machine to machine, all of them offer you huge winnings beyond your wildest dreams.

There are also the excellent features of the ‘Hold Button’ and the ‘Nudge Button.’ These special buttons make it possible to develop an actual strategy when playing online fruit slot machines. The Hold Button is an ingenious feature that allows you to maximize your chances of winning during a spin. It allows you to hold two of the three reels still while you continue to spin the other. This means you can hold on to two symbols are already matched up and play for the chance of getting the third symbol right. This advantage definitely sets them apart from the online slot machine, which does not have this feature.

Using the Nudge Button allows you to move one reel only a tiny bit, as opposed to giving it a whole big spin. This means that when an advantageous symbol is in sight, you can actually attempt to ‘nudge’ the symbol along and hopefully align it with the rest of the reels.

How to win at fruit machine games?

Scouring the Internet for tips on online fruit slot machines can be difficult. So upon digging deeper into this subject, I found common tips on how to beat a fruit machine. In fact, these are probably the best tips you can find.

Look for fruit slot game that has an 80 percent payout table or more

Look for online fruit slot machines with a higher percentage payout. This can range from 60 percent to 85 percent, depending on the slots model. If you choose the highest value before hand, then the following tips will have greater weight, so find a fruit slot with the highest pay percentage. This is normally displayed on the top left or right of the machine.

Pick online fruit slot machines that have loads of gaming features

Jackpots very rarely show up on a three-reel drop. In fact, most jackpots are presented through a feature going all the way. Some machines have one or two features, with some of the better machines having three or more. Choose those online fruit slot machines with the best amount of features included within the design. Just have a look at the machine before you play, noting down what those features are and which ones awards repeatedly.

Ten credit rule: analyze the online fruit slot machines’ performance

A fruit slot machine works on various mechanical operations throughout a predetermined value. These are cycles that determine the point on which the paytable is reached. We can therefore use a value to analyze the performance of the fruit machine, and whether or not we are going to beat it.

Don’t wager money you can’t afford to lose

To beat a fruit machine is like a business venture. Just play it cool, be in control and be aware of your investment. The moment you begin playing with money that you don’t have, then that’s when desperation takes over and you’ll end up losing everything.

See the machine as nothing more than an opportunity and your money as an investment.