How to make money online – Australia

Gambling can be fun and exciting, although these two benefits play second fiddle to trying to win some money, or a lot of money. If you have ever been to one of the larger casinos in Las Vegas, there really is nothing like it as the energy consumes you and changes your whole perspective, for better or worse. The garish colors, ringing of the slots, and the roar of a craps table, can be seductive while at the same time your worst enemy. Putting all of this aside, the ultimate aim of going to Vegas, Atlantic City or some illegal poker venue is to make money, and lots of it. This can be said for online gambling as well, albeit without the expense of travel or the sensory overload.

The introduction of online gambling in the age of the Internet

The introduction of online gambling riding on the coattails of the Internet, changed not only the land-based casinos but disrupted the industry as a whole. Casinos that once depended on plane or busloads of players had to reinvent their whole business model and find ways to stem the flow of players from their casinos to online play. Why travel to the far ends of the earth, or at least your town or State, when you can enjoy those same casino games in the comfort of your own home?

Although convenient, online gambling became a double edge sword for those who really enjoy playing slots, roulette, blackjack and any other casino game. There was no limit when and where you could play, but unfortunately, the odds for the games did not change and you could lose just as much online as playing at the casino. Of course, this is true for wining as well, but in the end the casino always wins. The venue and medium changed, but the fundamentals of gambling did not!

Can you make money gambling online? How to win money fast?

The short answer: Of course, you can. But the question is somewhat misleading as it can simplified by asking: Can I make money gambling? Online gambling and gambling at a casino are two sides of the same coin and in terms of sheer luck, odds, percentages, etc., they are the exactly the same. In terms of discipline and self-control online gambling is a whole other animal in terms of keeping your play to a minimum or at least to a regulated level.

The number one benefit of online gambling is accessibility and convenience. Any where there is an Internet connection, there is a “casino” which affords you the chance to bet, lose and win. On/at/in the bus, train, plane, automobile, café, bar, restaurant, home, hotel (well you get the picture) is a situation where you can whip out your smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC, and start to gamble. No more flying or driving to an out of the way place just so you can throw a couple coins into the one-armed bandit.

The one silver bullet that kept gamblers in check was the inconvenience of having to go to a land-based casino to play. It might have been a few times a year, annually or once every couple of years. The cost of the flights and hotels were somewhat prohibitive, but in some cases, it was more than just a gambling trip. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, it is now more than just gambling and can be compared to a Disneyworld for adults. Even if you are not a gambler there is plenty to do in Vegas to keep you occupied. But with complete access anytime, anywhere, online gambling can create issues to trying to make money.

What is essential to make money gambling online?

The odds for the casino are that if you play long enough you will lose. Slots, Online Pokies, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack etc. carry the same odds no matter where you play. But to keep it interesting, the online casino games can create features which land-based casinos can only dream of. With bonus, rounds, free spins, scatters, jackpots (Progressive and Fixed) are just a few of the thing offered online. Now you might think that the online games are offering more ways to win, and they are, but they are also offering more ways to lose.

In any money-making venture such as gambling, stocks, etc., the number one rule is to manage your money and be patient. In Blackjack there are a few hard rules that must be followed if you want to improve your chances of beating the casino. Gut feelings are not a good strategy and although the casino has the edge, certain playing patterns can help. With slots, which there is no real strategy, there are a few tools in making money.

Some online slots have better odds then others, although the difference is not that big. As I said, some slots have a variety of bonuses and features, many players still prefer the old school 3-reeled slots. No matter which slots/pokies you do play online, the best advice is not to be greedy. If you are always looking for the big score, you will ultimately be on the losing side.

A good rule of thumb is to always be wiling to take a profit and walk away. If you’re up a couple hundred, thousand or ten thousand dollars, there is no reason to try and get more. I make the analogy to baseball, that if you are always swinging for a homerun, chances are you will not be a good batter. Its okay to get singles and doubles as those are the guys who become the greats.

Should I try to make money gambling online?

There is of course no reason why you can’t try to make money gambling online. It is a harmless vice if you play within your means and play for the fun and not to try and hit the big jackpot. Its all about moderation and realizing that with gambling there is not bottom, you can lose it all. But it takes a lot more discipline to gamble online then at land-based casinos, and this is one of the reasons it is illegal in certain regions, states and countries.

Remember, free play is always available, and if you enjoy just the sounds and visual of online gambling, then just stick wit the free demo play.