Top land-based casinos Australia

There are many beautiful and entertaining casinos is Australia, but there are some which you really must visit if you consider yourself a true gambler – or if you are simply looking for great new experiences. Below you can find the list of the five best land-based casinos of the country.

  1. If you want to visit a truly spectacular casino in Australia, you might as well head for the largest in the entire Southern Hemisphere. In the Crown, which is located in Melbourne you will find more than 350 table games and also more than 3500 pokies, or slot games. This land-based casino actually offers a variety of games as great as online casinos, which is spectacular itself. It is a great experience to visit the crown for high-rollers and tourists both. Also, you may spot a few celebrities in here, a lot of Australian and foreign stars regularly visit this huge casino.
  2. The second largest brick-and-mortar casino in the country can be found in Sydney. The Star (formerly Star City) is a huge two-floor complex with thousands of opportunities for winning awards. You ay be a high-roller or just someone ho wants to try out gambling, the tables and games you find here will suit your needs with bets ranging from 25 to 75,000 dollars. And they even have an Inner Sanctum, where you can go up to 500,000 dollars if you want to gamble with fortunes… More than 1500 pokie slot games and around 200 table games await you in the famous Star.
  3. Perth also has a casino that the it can be more than proud of: the Crown Perth (formerly known as Burswood International Resort Hotel & Casino) is considered by Australians to be the best such institution in the Western part of the country. It has 1500 slot machines, so you will most definitely find your favorites here, and you can also have a go with the table games of which there are more than 120 there.
  4. The Jupiters Hotel & Casino brings the best of Vegas to Australia – Broadbeach, Queensland to be more specific. It resembles the Bellagio with more than 1400 slots and a lot of table games. There is also a VIP lounge, called quite simply The Club, where high-rollers can enjoy state-of-the-art games. But those who don’t want to put entire fortunes on the table can also find their best bet in the Jupiters, it is a very popular among those who play with small bets and tourists as well.
  5. If you find yourself in Brisbane, you should try the Treasury Casino, which is a true classic in every sense of the word. It is located in a beautiful building built in the 19th century, and has 1300+ slots and nearly a hundred table games – as an Australian gambler you should not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful casino.